One of the greatest FREE places that everyone should take advantage of is the public library. Well, its not really FREE if you have paid taxes sometime in your life but that should make you more compelled to use the service whenever you can. The library has evolved over the last few decades to not only include books, magazines and newspapers but also computers, internet, classes, storytime, videos and DVD’s! YES! DVDs! I’m not just talking about the documentaries that you were possibly forced to watch in school but the newest releases like Avatar and Book of Eli. No need to pay for Netflix or those extra movie channels that you barely watch anyway when you could go to the library to get it for less or even FREE. Older books, magazines and newspapers are available for a lower cost or FREE to anyone who wants it.

Visit your local library website to get a listing of services that you can take advantage of.  Remember since you already paid for it, you might as well use it!