If you have decided that you want to try new restaurants, services or visit different stores, before you go, you could us a Groupon. What is a Groupon you ask? Groupon is a growing deal-of-the website that has deals in major cities around the United States. The way it works is if a specified number of people sign up for the deal-of-the-day than the deal is available for everyone. You win by getting a great deal, the store wins by getting customers and Groupon.com wins by getting a cut from the number of Groupons sold.

Before you purchase a Groupon, be sure to visit the website and read the disclaimer of the company that is offering the Groupon. After you visit the site you may realize they don’t have anything you want. And just because they offer a Groupon, it doesn’t necessarily mean it a deal. Sometimes when you do the math you are only saving a few dollars than if you would just purchase at the store or restaurant.

Another great thing about Groupon.com is that if you have any questions about the deal you can ask a representative who is usually available between 9am to 5pm. All questions and answers are posted on the discussion page and may help you decide if this deal is for you.

So if you want to try a new restaurant, store or service, First go to Groupon.com, they may already have a deal waiting for you.