One of Maryland’s best kept secrets is The Book Thing. It’s mission is to put unwanted books in the hands of someone who wants them. With the vast number of books at this location, there is something here for everyone. Categories include children, fiction, non-fiction, beauty, health &  finance. All of which are nicely organized on shelves throughout. The best thing about The Book Thing is that everything is FREE. The Book Thing operates exclusively on donations from the community. Donations of books, money, volunteers, beverages (for the volunteers), lumber and many other supplies help to keep it up and running.

You can drop off any book that you no longer want or you can pick out any books you might want to read. There’s no limit. All books are stamped with NO-RESALE so you can’t pull a fast one and try to sell them somewhere else. They do ask that when you leave, you write down the number of books you have taken and dropped off so they can have and estimate of their inventory.

With Back To School right around the corner, save some money by visiting The Book Thing. You may find what you are looking for, for FREE!