Every time I mention to someone that I don’t have air conditioning, I see a shocking then sorry look appear on their face. No need to feel sorry for me because I actually choose NOT to have it. Since I can remember, I never liked the feeling of processed air and now as an adult, I don’t like the cost of it either. To me, cost should always the deciding factor when it comes to luxuries like air conditioning. So at this time it’s really not worth having.

On the Sunday Morning Show, Mitch Butler & Josh Landis of “The Fast Draw”, made a creative two-minute cartoon called Air Conditioning. It was about how hot summer days could be good for you! Studies show that people who work inside air conditioned offices catch colds and go to the doctors more often than people who work outside. I was aware that you can burn more calories when its hot but I never even thought about how the cold processed air inside could make you eat more!

So just by being money conscience (aka cheap) and not using air conditioning in my home, I have not only saved money but possibly become healthier and saved myself from gaining a few pounds.